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Entergy's Open Grants Program offers non-profit organizations with the opportunity to innovate, empower, and cycle green energy into local projects.


Typically, Entergy's Open Grants are open to non-profit organizations and community groups with projects aligned with their focus areas.

Focus Areas

  • Education

  • Workforce development

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Community improvement.

Application Pointer*

Get creative! Outline your project, its impact, and how it aligns with Entergy's mission. Highlight innovation, community empowerment, or environmental sustainability – whatever makes your project shine. Show Entergy how your project will make a positive impact on the community. Provide a detailed budget breakdown, showcasing how the grant funds will be utilized. Transparency is key!

Important Information

  1. Make sure to submit your application at least three months prior to the time the requested funds are needed.

  2. In considering requests for grants, priority is placed on programs in specific counties/parishes (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas).

  3. Open Grant applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

ATTENTION Mississippi grantees: The deadline for open grants requests in Mississippi is April 1. You should have received correspondence from us regarding this new deadline.

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