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Rose Britt

CEO & Master Media Strategist 

Expertise: Strategic Planning, Branding, and Marketing Solutions

Britt has over a decade of experience in strategic planning and project management, and eight years in graphic design. The vision for Britt Assist arose while attending college at the University of Delaware in 2015. Britt now has left her mark in Delaware by helping establishments such as the University of Delaware (strategic planning-Admissions and graphic design- Student Support Services Program), Nestle (strategic planning), Caring Angels of Delaware (website design and strategic planning), and many more.


Britt Assist is a one stop resource shop that nurtures companies through strategic planning and project execution. We target your current pain points to provide creative solutions and tangible action plans for growth. 


Our services include, but aren’t limited to; proposal writing, web design and development, and graphic designs. We redefine your targeted focus and execute goals with our strategic planning and efficient operating systems. We approach your business as a boat; we help you gather the materials, build the boat, and sail.  

We recognize the urgency for business guidance and proper planning. Our systems and resources not only provide step by step guidance, but they shine a different light on business and the false image given to businesses by business consultants. Our one stop shop allows you to have access to project management, branding services, and marketing solutions all in one place.

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Trusted & Reliable

Certified & Creditable

Integrity & Professional

We perform data analysis on all of our platforms to ensure we can provide guaranteed results. All of our marketing tools are user friendly with step by step guides that lead to minimal room for errors.

We can be found on various well known platforms such as the Better Business Bureau with honest reviews. Our experience in business development, branding, and marketing extends over 6 years! We’re the specialists you can trust.

We break stereotypical depictions of start up businesses being unprofessional and unprepared. We take pride in changing those narratives with strict communication, thorough contracts, and wellness sessions.

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