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Be Featured In The Resource Center 

Thank you for your interest in being featured in our resource center! Use this form to help us understand what you'd like featured. The resource center isn't dedicated to events only. We encourage business owners who need more exposure to apply. 

Before applying, make sure your business meets our
requirements prior to applying. Britt Assist works hard to ensure our clients and supporters have the tools to have graphics that are organized, easy to read, and professional. 
View Examples 

If your business is interested in having promotional graphics done by us, please mention that in your email when connecting to a rep. Additional fees will apply. 

Contributions like yours keeps the resources we offer free and allows us to provide an effective way for your business to gain exposure.

The one-time fee of $25 is due upon your feature approval. 

A Britt Assist representative will reach out to you with additional information via email. Thank you for growing the community!

Visit The Resource Center


The Resource Center 

Showcase your networking events and business opportunities in the Resource Center blog. Connect with new people across the United States. 

Exclusive Business Directory 

You don't want to miss the opportunity for your business to be showcased in the monthly newsletter throughout the Britt Assist network and the e-book.

Current Internal Network:

2,387 Active Subscribers

Free Promo 

What better way to showcase and support Black business owners than a free group that gives you access to Black owned businesses found right you in your community. 

30,000+ Members 

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