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Giving Joy Grants

Joy [/joi/]: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Ladies, YOUR joy is needed in this world and the Britt Assist team appreciate you! Share this article with a lady that brings joy to the community!

The Giving Joy Grants program presented by Giving Joy opens doors for female dreamers, creators, and change-makers, with their annual $500.00 grant. This grant is designed to provide solutions that socially benefit your community and MUST go beyond financial aspects of your business.

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Who they are

Giving Joy is a 501(c)(3) Massachusetts-based nonprofit that strengthens and inspires women’s entrepreneurship worldwide. Its founder, Joy Kolin, has 20-years of experience in the field of international development, a career that has taken her to over 70 countries. Throughout her travels, Joy found herself touched by a common trend - the immense ability of women to affect positive change if given the resources and opportunities to do so. In 2018, she established Giving Joy as a way to harness and grow the power and the influence of women-led ventures the world over. Now, women from any country, across any trade or industry, can apply for a one-time grant between $250 to $500 to jumpstart and/or expand their operations.

Giving Joy Grants

Giving Joy grants are one-time micro grants (maximum $500 USD). Women ages 18 and up from any country in the world are eligible to apply.

Important Dates

Open Timeframe

January 1, 2024 -April 30, 2024

AWARD DATE: August 2024


Women ages 18 and up.  

Do you have to own a business to apply?

No. You can use the grant to start a new business, or expand your existing business. You can also use the grant to start or expand a nonprofit, non-governmental organization (NGO), charity, or propose a specific activity or project you would like to implement.

Are the grants limited to a certain geography?

No. You can apply for a grant from any country or state or territory in the world.

Are the grants limited to a specific field (like health)?

Absolutely not. You can propose activities in any field, trade, occupation, or craft. However, your business/organization/idea must focus on women, girls and/or families. And all activities must be LEGAL!

What is important to emphasize in the grant application?

  • Make sure you fill out ALL fields of the online application form. An incomplete application will not be considered.

  • Your proposed grant activities MUST have a social benefit to your community and MUST go beyond financial aspects of your business. The more social impact you can illustrate through your idea – the better and the greater your chances of winning the grant.

  • We will NOT support activities related to the purchase of merchandise, stock, advertisements, or marketing for personal use.

  •  Be as specific as possible, particularly regarding how you will use the grant funds. For example, if you plan on using the grant for a community event, a training, scholarships, etc. please include a detailed list of the activity you will develop including estimated costs, what the event will include, who is the target audience, and how the event will impact women, girls, and families.

  • Include, as much as possible, qualitative information related to the grant impact (ex. training for 10 women, each women will train an additional 10 women, ultimately impacting 20 families and 50 children in the community).

How is your application scored?

  • We score your application based on the following four criteria:

  • The degree of alignment with Giving Joy Mission

  • Your proposed grant activities are innovative, creative and will have a positive impact on women, their families and communities

  • The effective use of grant funding for your proposed activities

  • The grant impact is clearly outlined, well articulated, and measurable

Can you apply multiple times for a Giving Joy grant?

Applicants may only apply once per cycle. Once awarded a grant, applicants CANNOT apply again. Applicants who do not receive a grant may apply again in future cycles.

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