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Resource Center Requirements

Please read our policies for our blog before applying to be featured in the resource center. 

Effective as of July 2023

Thank you for your interest in our resource center! We work hard to ensure your upcoming events are circulating through our network with a few simple clicks. 


  • Clean graphics ​​​(no cut off images) 

  • Clear Fonts (must be able to clearly be read) 

  • Clean Text Placement (no overlapping text) 

  • Must include key information

    • date 

    • location (virtual/in person/TBA) 

    • price 

    • ways to sign up

Once your graphic and business has been approved you'll be featured in the resource center for as long as the center exists. If at anytime you'd like for your feature to be removed reach out to us. 


Payments: Your contribution helps us grow. All features have a one-time non-refundable fee of $25. 


Refunds: Britt Assist ensure your promotion to be highlighted within 48hours. If for any reason we fail to uphold this promise refunds will automatically be applied to the original payment method. 

Confidentiality: Our resource center is for Britt Assist subscribers only. Do not share the direct resource link to others. They are required to sign up to have access to the full resource center. 

Advertising: You may post the direct link to your feature and use it for promotional reasons. Your direct link will be sent to you once posted via email. 

Accepted Example: 


Not Acceptable Example: 

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