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It's July already but summer just started! Join The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau of Delaware for their annual B2B expo at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware.

What's the B2B Expo you ask?

It's the largest business-to-business tabletop event in Delaware, this is an opportunity to get in front of hundreds of new contacts and prospects! Did I mention it's FREE?

You have until SEPTEMBER 21, 2023 5:00pm-7:00pm to sharpen up those talking points! A few great things to have when you attend

  • CHARGED PHONE (you'll need it for the night)

  • Business Cards (digital/physical- having both caters to multiple age groups)

  • Comfortable Clothing (yes it's inside but the building is huge!)

  • A Smile (it's your best accessory)

You don't want to miss this opportunity to connect with great people!

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