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Stop Wishing On The Stars!

We're providing you with an alternative Wish!

Apply for the Wish Local Empowerment Program! They're dedicating a $2M dollar fund to give roughly 4,000 Wish Local small business partners financial support. The selected recipients will receive amounts between $500 - $2000. This program will only be open to Black-owned stores, to help promote equality and diversity in American business.


To be eligible, you must fall under all of the categories listed below:

You have a Black-owned business

You are 18+ years of age

Your store has 20 or fewer employees

Your store is a brick-and-mortar shop within the United States

Your store earns an average annual revenue under $1M

If selected for the program, you must join Wish Local

Using The Funds

There are no specific requirements on how to allocate the funds. However, we encourage you to put the money towards one of the suggestions below.

Use the money to:

Keep your workforce employed

Pay rent, operation or inventory costs

Connect with new customers

Provide opportunities for your community

What is Wish Local?

Wish Local is a series of programs that allows small businesses to partner with Wish. Stores select which programs to participate in. They can sell their inventory on Wish, act as neighborhood Wish pickup locations, source wholesale items, and more. Wish is a mobile-shopping app that has over 500 million shoppers around the world. When you partner with Wish you gain access to Wish’s huge consumer base.

Do I need to join Wish Local to be eligible?

You will only have to join Wish Local if you are chosen as a recipient. Wish Local is free and you have the option of choosing which programs to participate in or declining altogether.

Does Wish Local cost anything?

No. Wish Local is free.

Can I quit at any time or if I am not selected?

Yes. You can quit at any time.

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