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Shoot For The Stars

Nonprofit Ladies and Minority Entrepreneurs your constellation of possibilities has arrived with the Galaxy of Stars grant!

What is Galaxy of Stars?

Galaxy of Stars is a free service provided by Hidden Star. It is a large and growing, welcoming community of minority and women entrepreneurs and business owners. It is a safe place to get help, give help, meet friends, and support each other in business.

Key Features of Galaxy of Stars Grants

1. Eligibility

Nonprofit minority and women entrepreneurs

All minority and women entrepreneurs living in the United States are eligible to participate in Galaxy of Stars. Even if you have not yet started your own company but are thinking about it, you are eligible to use their free tools.

2. Grant Amount


3. Grant Deadline

December 16, 2023

4. How to Apply for Galaxy of Stars Grants

Fill out the form on the website in less than one minute!

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