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Revolving Makers

Ladies! Receive grants up to $5,000 with Nest! In a world where innovation drives progress, Nest has emerged as a pioneer in the smart home technology arena, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. At the heart of their commitment to innovation lies the Revolving Makers Fund, a groundbreaking initiative that not only fuels creativity but also empowers makers to bring their ingenious ideas to life.

What sets the Revolving Makers Fund apart is its commitment to an endless cycle of creativity. As the name suggests, it's a revolving fund, meaning that the support it offers doesn't stop. Instead, it keeps on giving, empowering one set of makers, who, in turn, contribute to the next cycle of innovators.

Who Can Apply?

Women maker business owners that participated in Nest’s Makers United programming in Birmingham, AL

Austin/San Antonio, TX

Detroit, MI

St. Louis, MO

Not yet a part of Makers United? You can join for free today.


  • Complete the following modules from the introductory Nest Financial Planning and Investment Strategies Series Curriculum:

    • Basic Financial Management

    • Margins

    • Income Statement: Basic Concepts

    • Budgeting & Financial Projections (recommended, not required)

    • Writing a business plan

  • Possess basic accounting records of business performance for at least the last 12 months.

  • Agree to adhere to the Nest Revolving Maker Fund Policies and Procedures which will be shared upon recoverable grant award

  • Be in good financial standing, meaning that the business is not in bankruptcy or at risk of default

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