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Just One More Package...

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Amazon's Black Business Accelerator allows Black business owners to have tools and credits to grow their business.
Just One More Package...

At this point I'm the problem. I've been spending so much money on things to make life easier...thanks TikTok but lets be real. Those amazon links come in handy! That's not all amazon is for! Check out their Black Business Accelerator.

Amazon will provide you with these benefits

$500 credit to assist with start-up and operational costs for newly-registered Amazon Professional sellers.
3-year Sponsored Enhanced Digital Certifications for Black-owned businesses through SupplierGATEWAY.
FREE imaging services for up to 50 products to help showcase your products.
Up to $3,000 in advertising credits to increase exposure for your brand.
A $1,000 Buy with Prime credit to offer e-commerce shoppers fast, free shipping and trusted checkout.

Yes you have your own platform but it's time to expand!

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