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"Brunch Is Not A Meal, It's A Lifestyle!"

Some people love the finer material things and some crave just the love. The Britt Assist team prefers BOTH! Meet us at The Black and White Brunch presented by Believe, Build, Brand on Saturday, December 9th from 11:00am-3:00pm at the I.A.S.T.E Ballroom. Guests are expected to arrive dressed how they want to be addressed and prepared to connect with some of the best professional in the Tri-State region!

This event is curated to celebrate what was, honor what is and prepare for what's to come. Each year this event leaves attendees empowered and invigorated to move from mundane thinking to meaningful living. Their formula is simple: restoring in person connections + meaningful collaborations + added value = The evolution of personal and professional brands!

Did we mention this event is also an ASL interpreted event catering to the deaf community?

Don't miss out on the fun get your tickets today!

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