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Art After Hours

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Nothing screams refreshing more than a cool drink and breath taking art work. Take a breather from business and enjoy artwork from locals in Wilmington Delaware.

The second Art After Hours exhibit is brought to you by West Side Grows Together and Exquisite Beauty Salon.

Tomorrow night, come out and support local artists! WSGT and Exquisite Beauty Salon are co-hosting another Art After Hours. Local artists will be showcasing their pieces and selling for the night. Enjoy the night on the West Side with art and refreshments. Check out some of the artists below:

Pooja Shukla (@theduckfacedchick) - Making the mundane magical, that's the theme behind my work. My photographs are a documentation of life as it happens. I like to believe that there's beauty in everything we just need to keep looking. I like to play with the natural light & colors, showcasing the beauty of nature & its marvels in my work.I'll have a selection of photographs for sale.

Cony Madariaga (@cony.madariaga) - My work varies from different themes, such as portraits of artists and other familiar faces, nature, and abstract art. Cony will have pieces for sale.

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