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This form is available for Britt Assist Clients ONLY. This link access is NOT to be shared with any additional parties. 


Thank you for your interest in Britt Assist! Use this secured page to complete your service contract. 

Please review our terms and conditions in full using the tabs below.

By completing this form, you are acknowledging that you alone are accountable for the accuracy and authenticity of the information supplied. Britt Assist retains the discretion to decline any misleading, fraudulent, or misrepresented company details provided.


Parties agree not to publicly divulge, announce, or in any manner disclose, to any third party, about any of the specific terms and conditions found in this Contract, including specifically, financial terms.

Parties agree to keep this agreement private, and all additional team members, employees, or agents will do the same.

Any mishaps, disagreements, and concerns shall remain between all parties. If you are dissatisfied with your service, all reviews and commentary shall remain private unless all parties agree to a public court hearing.

Complete your service contract using the form below. A copy with all parties signatures and

a copy of the terms and agreements found on this page will be emailed within 24 business hours. 

Parties agree to indemnify and hold harmless each other and each other's operating divisions, trustees, directors, managers, employees, agents, clients, and representatives from and against any and all claims, disrespect, and unprofessionalism.


Please read all pages in full before finalizing this service contract.

You will be directed to our payment page to securely confirm your service request once submitting.


The Resource Center 

Showcase your networking events and business opportunities in the Resource Center blog. Connect with new people across the United States. 

Exclusive Business Directory 

You don't want to miss the opportunity for your business to be showcased in the monthly newsletter throughout the Britt Assist network and the e-book.

Current Internal Network:

12,387 Active Subscribers

Free Promo 

What better way to showcase and support Black business owners than a free group that gives you access to Black owned businesses found right you in your community. 

30,000+ Members 

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