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Meet Britt

I am a true work in progress.

I admire the beauty in people wanting to do better for themselves. I have spent years designing a variety of material for friends, family, and entrepreneurs. The feedback from my clients regarding their designs and social media promotions encouraged me to expand my skills to others.

Daily, I make it my task to ensure individuals have the resources and skills they need to be successful. As an aspiring author, it is my responsibility to help people on their journey. You were given a body you couldn’t customize, a life with no guide or map, and situations that break and make us without permission. Life may not have been a choice, but how you journey through it, is!

It all starts with a vision and I want to bring your vision to life!

Britt Assist LLC 

Britt Assist, LLC is a full-service virtual business strategist, providing business coaching and business support services for clients across the United States. 


Specific services include: 

  • Web Design

  • Business Marketing Services

  • Social Media Consulting and Revisions

  • Business Plans and Entrepreneur Support

  • Graphic Design (logos, business cards)

  • Business Consulting

  • Additional Services


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